Once you have attended your viewing and emailed us to confirm which property you wish to secure, you will receive an email from us with all of the tenancy information.

Each of you will then need to complete these six easy steps to secure your accommodation.

Application Form

Each Tenant must complete the Application Form immediately.

This can be found on our website (Click Here) and can be done on your mobile/laptop.

Please read the information on the application and ensure that you fill this in correctly. Include your full, legal name. Make sure that the contact details are correct and let us know if these change at any time.


Holding Deposits are due immediately.
The remainder of the Deposit is due by the 20th January.

The deposit is equivalent to five weeks rent (excluding bills) per person.

Each tenant must pay a holding deposit equivalent to one weeks rent (excluding bills) to secure the property. Holding deposits are due immediately. 

The holding deposit goes towards the total deposit due, the remainder of the deposit is due by the 20th January. You are welcome to pay this earlier if you wish.

All payments must be sent via bank transfer to the details below.

UK Bank Details

Drake’s UK Bank Account Details: 

Account Name: Drake & Co Estate Agents Ltd 

Account Number: 43015858 

Sort Code: 20-01-96

Reference: *See below* 

*For the payment reference, you must use the property door number and the street/road initials. For example: 37 Albert Street would need 37AS as a reference.

International Payment Details

When sending international payments, please bear in mind exchange rates and any fees that may apply. You may wish to look into using a company like Transferwise or Revolut, as this may save you time and could be cheaper.

Drake’s International Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Drake & Co Estate Agents Ltd


IBAN GB25 BARC 2001 9643 0158 58

Reference: *See below*

*For the payment reference, you must use the property door number and the street/road initials. For example: 37 Albert Street would need 37AS as a reference.

Is the holding deposit refundable if we change our mind?

The holding deposit will reserve the property for a period of five working days, unless it is mutually agreed in writing to extend this period. After this period, if the tenants have failed to complete the relevant steps, we will begin re-advertising the property.

The holding deposit would be non-refundable in the event that:

The tenant(s) decides not to enter into the agreement, or fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into the tenancy before the deadline for the agreement

The tenant(s) provides false or misleading information, which the landlord or letting agent is reasonably entitled to rely on in deciding whether to grant the tenancy because this materially affects their suitability to rent the property

Paying on behalf of others

Holding deposits can be paid by each tenant individually, or tenants can pay on behalf of others too.

If you are sending a payment on behalf of others too, please email us to tell us how much you are paying on behalf of which tenants.

How much is the deposit?

Deposit amounts vary for each property.

The deposit is equivalent to five weeks rent (excluding bills) per person. 

You will have received an email which included all of the tenancy information and payment amounts, please keep the email safe as you will need to refer back to it.

One weeks rent (Holding deposit due immediately)

Four weeks rent (Remainder of deposit due by 20th January)

Five weeks rent (Total Deposit)

Is my deposit protected and will I get this back?

Once you have paid your deposit, this will be protected by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Deposits are fully refundable, subject to any damages, arrears and/or the cleanliness of the house at the end of your tenancy.

Tenant IDs

All Tenant IDs are due immediately.

Send photos of your documents to us via email (info@drakes.co.uk).

Click below to see the requirements for each document.

Student ID

Each tenant must provide a photo of their student ID to evidence your student status. A photo of this must be sent to us via email.

If you have already included this within your application form, you do not need to re-send this.

If you do not currently have a student ID card, please send alternative evidence of your student status (e.g. a screenshot of your online Uni ID which includes your student number, or a university offer/acceptance letter).

If you will not be a student during the tenancy, you must notify us via email.

UK Passport Holders

Each tenant must provide us with a copy of their passport as proof of identity and Right to Rent. If you are a UK passport holder, please send a photo of your passport via email.

Please ensure that your photo and details are clearly visible and the image shows the whole document, including the signature section.

If you do not have a passport, you will need to provide two alternative documents, for example, a UK birth certificate and driving licence.

Non-UK Passport Holders

Each tenant must provide us with a copy of their passport as proof of identity and Right to Rent. If you are not a British or Irish citizen, you must provide us with a photo of your passport, as well as the documents to confirm your permission to rent in the UK (e.g. Right to Rent Sharecode)

When sending photos of the passport/documents, please ensure that the images are clear and show the whole document, including your signature section.

The easiest way to prove your Right to Rent is to provide us with your Right to Rent Sharecode. Click here for further information about the Right to Rent documents we can accept.

Name Changes

If you have legally changed your name and your ID has not yet been updated to reflect this, please send us evidence of the name change alongside the ID (e.g. deed poll).

Guarantor Documents / Alternatives

All Guarantor Documents are due immediately, but no later than the 20th January.

Click below to see the requirements, how to submit the documents and alternative options.

What and Who is a Guarantor?

Each tenant will be required to provide a Guarantor for their tenancy. A Guarantor is somebody that agrees to pay your rent (or any other payment relating to the tenancy) if you fail to do so.

The Guarantor will need to sign and return the Guarantor Agreement, which is a legally binding document.

You can choose who you want to stand as your Guarantor, most commonly parents or guaradians. However, there are certain requirements that each Guarantor must meet:

All Guarantors must be UK residents, over the age of 21 and have sufficient income to cover the payments relating yo the tenancy.

The Channel Islands are not a part of the UK. As such, we cannot accept a Guarantor that resides in Jersey, Guernsey and/or the Isle of Man.

The Guarantor must be able to complete the relevant documentation and provide us with copies of their IDs to accompany this.

Guarantor Agreement

The Guarantor Agreement is a legally binding contract. Guarantors should read a copy of the proposed Tenancy Agreement before signing the document. The Guarantor must read the agreement carefully and understand their legal obligations before signing.

All of the requested details must be filled in correctly. If you or the Guarantor are unsure of any of the details, please contact us and/or refer to our email correspondence for clarification.

Full, legal names must be used on the agreement. No nicknames/abreviations will be permitted as this is a legal document.

The Guarantor’s signing of the agreement must be witnessed by a third party (e.g. friend/family member/neighbour/colleague) and the witness must also sign the agreement in the relevant section. The Tenants and/or Guarantor cannot act as a witness to the Guarantor Agreement.

Digital Guarantor Agreement

If your Guarantor would like to sign the documet electronically, you must provide us with their full name and email address. We will then send them a a digital agreement where they can input the relevant details and sign the contract digitally on their phone/laptop etc.

Paper Guarantor Agreement

If your Guarantor is unable to complete a digital agreement or would prefer to complete this by hand, we can also accept hard copies of the agreement. The document must be printed and completed by hand, then the original document with the wet-ink signature must be returned to our office either in person, or via post.

Office address: Drake & Co Estate Agents, 161a Dickenson Road, Rusholme, Manchester, M14 5HZ


All Guarantors must be UK residents, over the age of 21 and have sufficient income to cover the payments.

The Channel Islands are not a part of the UK. As such, we cannot accept a Guarantor that resides in Jersey, Guernsey and/or the Isle of Man.

The Guarantor must be able to provide us with specific IDs to prove their identity etc, see the following section for the ID requirements that your Guarantor must be able to meet.

Guarantor IDs

We are unable to accept/process the Guarantor Agreement until we have received copies of the Guarantor’s ID(s) to accompany this.

Photos of the ID(s) must be sent to us via email: info@drakes.co.uk

The ID(s) must show the Guarantor’s details (see below). Two forms of ID can be sent if necessary (e.g. passport and utility bill dated within the last three months), however a driving licence meets all reqiurements.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Signature
  • Proof of current UK address
What if I cannot provide a UK Guarantor?

If you are unable to provide a UK Guarantor over the age of 21, you will need to choose one of the following options. You must inform us of your decision via email, we will then provide you with more information. The deadline for confirming this decision is still the 20th January.

Company Guarantors

You can arrange for a company to stand as your Guarantor. There are various companies that offer a Guarantor service for different prices. You would need to look into this and find the best company for you, many offer a free quote online. Once you have found a company and they have accepted your application, they would need to complete a Guarantor Agreement on your behalf, by the 20th January. 

We recognise the following companies, although there are many others you can use: Housing Hand and Rent Guarantor

Paying Rent in Advance

Your rent would need to be paid a minimum of three months in advance. You pay three months’ rent at the beginning of your tenancy, alongside your first month’s rent (totalling four months), then you would continue paying your monthly rent as usual. The three months that you paid in advance must remain on your account throughout the tenancy and will be used to cover the last three months (April, May and June). Contact us for more information.


Your Tenancy and Bills Agreements will be sent to you via email using DocuSign. These can be signed on your mobile/laptop. Please check your emails regularly and action these as soon as you receive them.

The documents must be read and signed within five working days of receipt. Failure to complete the agreements within this time can result in the property being re-advertised and holding deposits being lost.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions relating to either agreement.

Tenancy Agreement

All Tenancy Agreements are Joint and Several.
The Tenancy Agreement is a contract between Tenant and Landlord. Drake & Co act as Agent on behalf of the Landlord.
The rent stated on the Tenancy Agreement is the monthly rent for the whole group, this amount is divided by the number of tenants living in the property.
The rent amount stated on the Tenancy Agreement does not include utilities. The utility payments are listed on the Bills Agreement, which will be sent alongside the Tenancy Agreement.

Click Here to see an Example Tenancy Agreement

Bills Agreement

The Inclusive Bills Agreement is a contract between Tenant and Bills Paid Ltd. Drake & Co act as Agent on behalf of Bills Paid.

Bills Paid Ltd are a bills management company who offer an Inclusive Bills Package at £26 per person per week (for 3+ bedroom properties) and £33pppw (for 2 bedroom properties). This covers: gas, electricity, water, broadband and a TV Licence. Tenants are subject to a Fair Usage Policy throughout the contract. More information can be found on their website (www.bills-paid.co.uk)

Click Here to see an Example Bills Agreement