During office open hours, tenants must contact Drake & Co directly with any emergencies, repairs or queries. You can contact us on:
Phone: 0161 224 2134
Email: info@drakes.co.uk
Online Portal:

Repair Request

If you have any general queries and/or find any remedial repairs outside of office hours that do not require immediate assistance, please report these online and/or email the office. A member of staff will respond when the office re-opens.

Should an emergency arise outside of office hours, you will be required to do the following:
– Call one of the emergency contacts (details are provided on the office answering machine). You must explain the problem and state your name and address. To make it easier for the contractor, you must follow the call up with a text message which they can refer back to for any details.

If you are unable to get through when calling, make sure you do ALL of the following:
– Leave a voicemail (if possible) to explain who you are and why you need assistance.

– Text them, so they know who to respond to or call back (they may be receiving more than one call at a time).

– Email the office using info@drakes.co.uk to inform us you require assistance, a staff member may be checking emails to monitor them for emergencies.

Call out charges will apply if a contractor is required to attend due to tenants’ negligence (e.g. locking yourself out/losing keys), regardless of whether this is within or outside of office hours. These charges are non-negotiable and must be paid directly to the person attending. If you refuse to pay, or do not have the funds at the time, the contractor will provide Drake & Co with an invoice which will be forwarded over to you.

The independent contractors have revised their charges due to the volume of calls they experience, many being trivial/non-urgent and outside of working hours. The new amounts are as follows, any additional costs (if required) will be confirmed by the person that attends.
During office hours: £35
Outside of office hours: starting at £60 

Who to Contact:

Locked out, urgent repairs (e.g. leaks), security risks (smashed window): Contact details provided on the office answer machine (0161 224 2134)

Emergency Service (Police/Ambulance/Fire Department): 999

Police Non-Emergency: 101

NHS Non-Emergency: 111

Cadent: 0800 111 999, www.cadentgas.com/emergencies/smell-gas

Electricity North West: 0800 195 4141, www.enwl.co.uk

National Grid: 0845 835 1111, www.nationalgrid.com/uk

United Utilities: 0345 672 2888, www.unitedutilities.com