General Advice

Lights bulbs

Please change blown bulbs unless they are dangerous to reach or complicated light fittings.


This is important to avoid damp and mould issues “Ventilation is Key”

YELLOW Karcher Hoover

These Hoovers are supplied as they are very robust for student accommodation should yours not be working will be down to that fact that you have blocked the hose/pipe, haven’t emptied the cylinder or the most common fault you have lost the little grey clip that holds the circle filter to the motor.

If reported the Hoover’s not working and we find that this is the case and our maintenance has to attend, YOU will be a charged.

So rather take the easy option and calling the office, just spend a couple of minutes checking the through the item and maintain and clean Hoover regularly.


Common fault with dryers are overloading please reframe from doing this as not only will your clothes not dry properly it can dislodge the drum and you will be charged for the repair.

Link below shows how to clear your filters plus if you have a Condenser dryer it is important to empty the water bottle otherwise this will cause water spillage.

Dishwasher salts and rinse aid

keep these topped up at all times. Your dishwasher will perform poorly without salts and rinse aid 6.

Dishwasher filters

These need cleaning regularly

Washing machines

Not Draining or clothes locked in machine during a cycle this is normally the cause of leaving objects in the pockets of clothing that shouldn’t be there (coins/hairclips etc) thus causing a fault on the pump or blocking the filter.

The link shows you a general idea of how to maintain your machine should this problem occur if our whitegoods engineer informs us that the problem has occurred due to tenants negligence a charge for repair will be invoiced the household.

Programming your boiler hot water and heating

Please use the manual, if you cannot find the manual type boiler model/timer into Google as they will be available online.


If you lose your keys, please contact the office for a replacement set. You will have to cover the cost of the replacement keys The above videos are to be used as guides only as the exact systems will vary from property to property.

If you are unsure of any of the above please contact our office 0161 224 2134 for assistance.

If having tried the above, the issue is not resolved, please let us know and we will have our contractor investigate the matter further.

If the maintenance issue is not on the above list, please log your repair on the right hand side giving as much detail as possible.

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