Who is responsible for the Council Tax?

Tenants are responsible for Council Tax for the duration of the tenancy. However, students can apply for council tax exemption and professionals living in a student household can apply for a discount.

Although we provide tenants’ names and Tenancy Agreements to MCC for council tax purposes, you will need to register your details with the council at the start of your tenancy to ensure that they bill correctly. 

It is a tenant’s responsibility to ensure that they are paying for the correct amount of council tax throughout the duration of the tenancy. Please see the information below which you may find useful.


Council Tax for Students

If you are a student in full time education, you are entitled to apply for an exemption from Council Tax for the duration of your tenancy. Please Click Here to complete this form before your tenancy begins, to avoid any future council tax bills, court summons and/or bailiff letters to the property.

Please complete the exemption form as soon as possible, prior to the beginning of the tenancy to avoid the consequences above, as we will have already forwarded your names to the council tax office for invoicing.

Only one person per group needs to complete this form and submit it on everyone’s behalf. However, you are going to need personal details from each one of your housemate(s), so please communicate with each other.

You are responsible for the property for the period stated on your Tenancy Agreement (the date your tenancy begins until the date it is due to end). Therefore, it is important that you input the correct dates of your tenancy on the form, NOT the date you plan to collect keys. All tenants have received a copy of their Tenancy Agreement via email along with other important documents, please refer to this for clarification if you are unsure of your tenancy dates.


Council Tax for Non-Students

If you are a working professional within a student household, you will be liable for council tax for the entire property. However, you may be able to apply for a discount as you live with students, Click Here for more information.


Receiving a Council Tax Bill

If you receive a council tax bill at the beginning of your tenancy, this is usually nothing to worry about. There may be some cross over between the invoice being sent and your exemption being processed.

If you receive a council tax bill for only a short period towards the beginning or end of your tenancy, we would recommend checking the dates that your student status starts and/or ends. If your student status does not begin until September (for example), you may be liable for council tax up-until this date. If you cease being a student mid-June (for example), you may be required to pay the council tax for the period between this date and the end of your tenancy.

Should you receive any council tax bill, we would always recommend that you contact Manchester City Council to double check that they have received your exemption form and are aware of your student status. You should include a photo/copy of the bill, along with your tenancy agreement and each tenants’ Student ID when contacting the council to dispute a council tax charge.


Council Tax Enquiries

Unfortunately, Drake & Co are unable to assist with council tax enquiries. Should tenants have any questions or concerns regarding council tax exemption, a council tax invoice or the amount of council tax they should be paying, you will need to contact Manchester City Council directly. You can do so using the details below:

Email: ctax.enquiries@manchester.gov.uk

Phone: 0161 234 5002, 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)