Wheelie Bins

Some properties have wheelie bins provided by the council which are emptied weekly/fortnightly.

What day will your bins be emptied?
Click the button below and simply enter your postcode to find out which day your bins will be collected. Make sure you remember to put them out the night before, as bins are usually collected early in the morning (7am onward).

What Is My Bin Collection Day?

It is essential that when you are recycling/emptying your waste into the wheelie bins provided that they are not overfilled. You must ensure that the lid of the bin can close completely, otherwise there can be a number of consequences, such as: your bin may not be emptied, waste could fall out and scattered by the elements, you could also encourage a rodent infestation as pests would scavenge exposed rubbish etc.

The “Lets Recycle Right” image illustrates examples of items that can be recycled and which bin you should use to dispose of them.

All waste that is unable to be recycled must be put into the grey/black household waste bin.

Click the button below to be directed to Manchester City Council’s website, to see which recycling bin to use depending on your waste.

Which Bin Should I Use?

Each bin/container provided is for specific waste, you must ensure that you do not cross contaminate when disposing of rubbish. For example: if the blue bin is for paper/cardboard, do not put general waste in here and vice versa. If you cross contaminate waste, the council will refuse to empty your bin(s) and fine you for this.

Order A New Wheelie Bin

If your bin has gone missing or been stolen, you will need to order a replacement via the MCC website.

Replacement general waste bins are £20 each.

Recycling bins are free to order, you can have as many as you wish.

Apply For A Larger Grey Bin

Standard wheelie bins are 140 litres. If there are six or more people in one household, MCC will provide the property with a larger grey bin (240 litres).

Click the button above to submit an application form if you believe you are entitled to a larger bin.

Report A Missed Collection

If your bin is not emptied on the bin collection date, check that you are putting the correct bin out on the right day, and that they aren’t cross contaminated.

If this is not the issue, report the missed collection to MCC via the button above.

Communal Containers

Communal bins are shared between the streets they are placed on and are usually located at the end of the road/in an alleyway. Sometimes, communal bins are locked behind a gate installed by Manchester City Council. This is to prevent members of the public from fly-tipping as these bins are for residents only.
Communal Bins are substantially larger than wheelie bins, as they are for the surrounding premises, not solely for each household.

The bins are usually labelled to say which type of waste should be put in which bin.

1) Black/grey container- domestic/household rubbish (waste that is unable to be recycled)

2) Blue container- paper and cardboard

3) Brown container- glass and plastic bottles

It is much more difficult to establish accountability if a communal bin has been overfilled, as they are shared between multiple households. We would recommend monitoring the communal bins throughout the week to ensure that rubbish is being disposed of appropriately. If you find excess rubbish has been placed around the bin(s), report this to the council immediately, to prevent this from attracting rodents to the area.

Excess Waste

Do not let excess waste pile up in your garden, on the street or around your wheelie/communal bins. Not only is this unsightly, this attracts vermin and you could be fined by Manchester City Council (up to £1,000 plus the cost of removing the rubbish).

Click Here to see tips, dumps and recycling centres available in Manchester.

If you are unable to get to your local tip/recycling centre, do not worry. There are many mobile rubbish removal companies that collect rubbish from the property directly, you can find these by searching online or social media sites. Alternatively, contact Drake & Co as we can recommend reliable contractors that may be able to assist and provide a quote for this work.

If you are moving out or have unwanted items that are still in good condition, DONATE!   Click Here for more information.